As advised by the Chief Minister and in exercise of the powers conferred upon me under clause (1) of Article-112 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 1973 and other provisions enabling me in this behalf, Muhammad Kamran Khan Tessori, Governor of Sindh, hereby dissolve the Provincial Assembly of Sindh on 11th day of August, 2023 at 9:00 p.m.
باسہولت چھپنے والا متن


حزب اقتدار و حزب اختلاف

حزب اقتدار   |    حزب اختلاف

حزب اقتدار

قائد ایوان

Murad Ali Shah

چیف منسٹر سندھ نے اعتماد کا ووٹ 16th August 2018 نشست   1st سیشن کے دوران لیا


حکومتی جماعتیں

موجودہ ایوان میں درج ذیل سیاسی جماعتوں نے حکومتی اتحاد کی تشکیل میں حصہ لیا :

کابینہ اور اس کے عہدیداران

وزیر قلمدان
Syed Nasir Hussain Shah بلدیات  (Appointed on: 5th August 2019)
Public Health Engineering  (Appointed on: 5th August 2021)
Dr. Azra صحت  (Appointed on: 19th August 2018)
آبادی کی فلاح و بہبود  (Appointed on: 19th August 2018)
Shabbir Ali Bijarani مائنز اینڈ منرل ڈیولپمنٹ  (Appointed on: 19th August 2018)
Imtiaz Ahmed Shaikh Energy  (Appointed on: 5th September 2018)
Abdul Bari Pitafi لائیو اسٹاک  (Appointed on: 15th October 2018)
ماہی پروری  (Appointed on: 15th October 2018)
Ikramullah Khan صنعتیں و اقتصادیات  (Appointed on: 5th August 2019)
کوآپریشن  (Appointed on: 5th August 2019)
Sardar Ali Shah ثقافت  (Appointed on: 19th August 2018)
سیاحت  (Appointed on: 19th August 2018)
Education  (Appointed on: 5th August 2021)
Muhammad Taimur Talpur جنگلات  (Appointed on: 5th August 2021)
Makhdoom Mehboob Zaman Revenue & Relief  (Appointed on: 19th August 2018)
Syed Zia Abbas Shah کام و خدمتیں  (Appointed on: 5th August 2021)
Jam Khan Shoro Irrigation  (Appointed on: 5th August 2021)
Sharjeel Inam Information  (Appointed on: 22nd April 2022)
Transport & Mass Transit  
Muhammad Ismail Rahoo Universities & Boards  (Appointed on: 5th August 2021)
Environment, Climate Change and Coastal Development  (Appointed on: 5th August 2021)
Giyanoo Mal امور برائے اقلیتیں  (Appointed on: 5th August 2021)
Saeed Ghani افرادی قوت  (Appointed on: 5th August 2019)
Human Resources  (Appointed on: 3rd February 2020)
Syeda Shehla Raza ترقیات برائے خواتین  (Appointed on: 19th August 2018)
Mukesh Kumar Chawla آبکاری و محصولات  (Appointed on: 5th September 2018)
Narcotics  (Appointed on: 5th September 2018)
خوراک  (Appointed on: 5th August 2021)
Parliamentary Affairs  (Appointed on: 5th August 2021)
Muhammad Sajid Jokhio سماجی بہبود  (Appointed on: 5th August 2021)

مشیر قلمدان
Fayaz Ali Butt Zakat, Ushr & Religious Affairs  (Appointed on: 5th August 2021)

پارلیمانی سکریٹری قلمدان
Nida Khuhro صنعتیں و اقتصادیات  
Abdul Aziz Junejo Irrigation  (Appointed on: 5th December 2019)
Muhammad Qasim Soomro Health || Twitter handle : @qasimsoomro  
Muhammad Saleem بلدیات  (Appointed on: 22nd October 2019)
Ghanwer Ali Khan Isran آئین  (Appointed on: 30th October 2019)
Parliamentary Affairs  (Appointed on: 30th October 2019)
Criminal Prosecution Service  (Appointed on: 30th October 2019)
Heer Soho عشر و زکات  (Appointed on: 2nd December 2019)
Kulsoom Akhtar Chandio Empowerment for Persons with Disabilities  
Muhammad Yousuf Baloch Environment  
Youth & Sports  

Special Assistant to CM قلمدان
Liaquat Ali Askani Katchi Abadies  (Appointed on: 5th August 2021)
Human Settlement  (Appointed on: 5th August 2021)
Arbab Lutfullah کھیل  (Appointed on: 5th August 2021)
Tanzila Umi Habiba انفارمیشن ٹیکنالاجی  (Appointed on: 5th August 2021)
Sadhumal Surendar Valasai انسانی حقوق کی پاسداری  (Appointed on: 5th August 2021)


حزب اختلاف

قائد حزب اختلاف

Rana Ansar

Notified as Leader of Opposition through No. PAS/Legis-G-54/2018/4964, 26th July 2023  

مخالف جماعتیں