In pursuance of Article 107 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the Provincial Assembly of Sindh shall stand dissolved on the expiration of its term of five years on the 28th May, 2018.
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Government & Opposition

Government Alliance

Leader of the House

Syed Murad Ali Shah

CM Sindh took oath as Chief Minister on 29th July 2016 Sitting of the 26th Session of the Assembly

Government Parties

The Government Alliance in the present Assembly belongs to the following political parties:

Cabinet & Functionaries

Minister Portfolio
Jam Khan Local Government  (Appointed on: 30th July 2016)
Housing & Town Planning  (Appointed on: 30th July 2016)
Ikramullah Khan Dharejo Cooperation  (Appointed on: 7th August 2016)
Fayaz Ali Butt Public Health Engineering and Rural Development  (Appointed on: 7th August 2016)
Manzoor Hussain Wassan Industries & Commerce  (Appointed on: 7th August 2016)
Imdad Ali Pitafi Works & Services  (Appointed on: 7th August 2016)
Nisar Ahmed Khuhro Food  (Appointed on: 30th July 2016)
Parliamentary Affairs  (Appointed on: 30th July 2016)
Jamil Zaman Revenue & Relief  (Appointed on: 30th July 2016)
Mehtab Hussain Dahar Education and Literacy  (Appointed on: 30th July 2016)
Mukesh Kumar Chawla Excise & Taxation  (Appointed on: 30th July 2016)
Muhammad Ali Malkani Livestock  (Appointed on: 7th August 2016)
Fisheries  (Appointed on: 7th August 2016)
Mumtaz Hussain Khan Population Welfare  (Appointed on: 7th August 2016)
Muhammad Bux Khan Mahar Sports  (Appointed on: 7th August 2016)
Nasir Hussain Shah Transport & Mass Transit  (Appointed on: 7th August 2016)
Labour  (Appointed on: 23rd May 2017)
Human Resources  (Appointed on: 23rd May 2017)
Information  (Appointed on: 23rd May 2017)
Suhail Anwar Khan Siyal ‏‏Agriculture  (Appointed on: 30th July 2016)
Supply & Prices  (Appointed on: 30th July 2016)
Home  (Appointed on: 23rd May 2017)
Mines & Minerals  (Appointed on: 23rd May 2017)
Sardar Ali Shah Culture  (Appointed on: 30th July 2016)
Tourism  (Appointed on: 30th July 2016)
Antiquities  (Appointed on: 30th July 2016)
Zia-ul-Hassan Law  (Appointed on: 10th April 2017)
Saeed Ghani Planning & Development  (Appointed on: 6th March 2018)

Advisor to CM Portfolio
Shamim Mumtaz Social Welfare  (Appointed on: 10th April 2017)

Special Assistant to CM Portfolio
Dr.Sikandar Ali Shoro Information Science &Technology  (Appointed on: 30th July 2016)
Khatu Mal Jeewan Minorties Affairs  (Appointed on: 30th July 2016)
Shahid Abdul Salam Thahim Sindh Technical Education & Vocational Training Authority  (Appointed on: 7th August 2016)
Nawab Muhammad Taimur Talpur Inter Provincial Coordination  (Appointed on: 7th August 2016)
Ghulam Shah Jeelani Auqaf  (Appointed on: 30th July 2016)
Rehana Leghari Human Rights  (Appointed on: 7th August 2016)
Abid Hussain Bhayo Youth Affairs  (Appointed on: 7th August 2016)
Iram Khalid Women Development  (Appointed on: 30th July 2016)


Opposition Alliance

Leader of Opposition

Khawaja Izharul Hassan

Notified as Leader of Opposition through No.PAS/Legis-G-10/2013/4006, 29th April 2015 

Opposition Parties