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2018-till date

Government & Opposition

Government Alliance

Leader of the House

Murad Ali Shah

Honourable Member elected as Chief Minister on 16th August 2018 Sitting of the 1st Session of the Assembly

Government Parties

The Government Alliance in the present Assembly belongs to the following political parties:

Cabinet & Functionaries

Minister Portfolio
Nasir Hussain Shah Local Government  (Appointed on: 5th August 2019)
Forest  (Appointed on: 5th August 2019)
Religious Affairs  (Appointed on: 5th August 2019)
Information  (Appointed on: 3rd February 2020)
Housing & Town Planning  
Azra Health  (Appointed on: 19th August 2018)
Population Welfare  (Appointed on: 19th August 2018)
Shabbir Ali Bijarani Mines & Mineral Development  (Appointed on: 19th August 2018)
Public Health Engineering and Rural Development  (Appointed on: 5th August 2019)
Imtiaz Ahmed Shaikh Energy  (Appointed on: 5th September 2018)
Sohail Anwar Irrigation  (Appointed on: 5th August 2019)
Zakat & Ushr  (Appointed on: 5th August 2019)
Auqaf  (Appointed on: 5th August 2019)
Abdul Bari Pitafi Livestock  (Appointed on: 15th October 2018)
Fisheries  (Appointed on: 15th October 2018)
Ikramullah Khan Industries & Commerce  (Appointed on: 5th August 2019)
Cooperation  (Appointed on: 5th August 2019)
Enquiries & Anticorruption  (Appointed on: 3rd February 2020)
Awais Qadir Shah Transport & Mass Transit  (Appointed on: 15th October 2018)
Faraz Dero Rehabilitation  (Appointed on: 5th August 2019)
Hari Ram Minorties Affairs  (Appointed on: 19th August 2018)
Food  (Appointed on: 5th August 2019)
Sardar Ali Shah Culture  (Appointed on: 19th August 2018)
Tourism  (Appointed on: 19th August 2018)
Muhammad Taimur Talpur Information Science &Technology  (Appointed on: 15th October 2018)
Mehboob Zaman Revenue & Relief  (Appointed on: 19th August 2018)
Muhammad Ismail Rahoo ‏‏Agriculture  (Appointed on: 19th August 2018)
Saeed Ghani Labour  (Appointed on: 5th August 2019)
Education and Litracy  (Appointed on: 3rd February 2020)
Human Resources  (Appointed on: 3rd February 2020)
Syeda Shehla Raza Women Development  (Appointed on: 19th August 2018)
Mukesh Kumar Chawla Excise & Taxation  (Appointed on: 5th September 2018)
Narcotics  (Appointed on: 5th September 2018)

Parliamentary Secretary Portfolio
Abdul Aziz Junejo Irrigation  (Appointed on: 5th December 2019)
Muhammad Qasim Soomro Health || Twitter handle : @qasimsoomro  
Muhammad Saleem Local Government  (Appointed on: 22nd October 2019)
Ghanwer Ali Khan Isran Law  (Appointed on: 30th October 2019)
Parliamentary Affairs  (Appointed on: 30th October 2019)
Criminal Prosecution Service  (Appointed on: 30th October 2019)
Heer Soho Zakat & Ushr  (Appointed on: 2nd December 2019)


Opposition Alliance

Leader of Opposition

Haleem Adil Sheikh

Notified as Leader of Opposition through No.PAS/Legis-G-54/2018/368, 25th January 2021 

Opposition Parties