As advised by the Chief Minister and in exercise of the powers conferred upon me under clause (1) of Article-112 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 1973 and other provisions enabling me in this behalf, Muhammad Kamran Khan Tessori, Governor of Sindh, hereby dissolve the Provincial Assembly of Sindh on 11th day of August, 2023 at 9:00 p.m.
باسہولت چھپنے والا متن


19th December 2022  |  PAS/Legis-SC(LPA&HR)/2019/841

Meeting of the Standing Committee on Law & Parliamentary Affairs and Human Rights


01. Pir Mujeeb Ul Haq, MPA.                                    Chairman


02. Mr. Ghanwer Ali Khan Isran, MPA/                    Member

      Parliamentary Secretary for Law,

      Parliamentary Affairs & Criminal Prosecution


03. Ms. Heer Soho, MPA/                                          Member

      Parliamentary Secretary for Auqaf, Zakat & Ushr.


04. Syed Farukh Ahmed Shah, MPA.                                    Member


05. Dr. Lal Chand Ukrani, MPA.                               Member


06. Mr. Sajid Ali Banbhan, MPA.                              Member


07. Mr. Muhammad Sajid Jokhio, MPA/                    Member

      Minister for Social Welfare, Sindh


08. Mr. Tariq Masood Arain, MPA.                           Member


09. Mr. Ali Hassan, MPA.                                          Member


10. Mr. Muhammad Qasim Soomro, MPA/                Member

      Parliamentary Secretary for Health.


11. Ms. Ghazala Sial, MPA.                                       Member


12.  Mr. Mukesh Kumar Chawla, MPA/                     Ex-Officio Member

Minister for Excise, Taxation & Narcotics                                  

Food and Parliamentary Affairs, Sindh.


13.  Barrister Murtaza Wahab                                     Ex-Officio Member

Advisor to Chief Minister, Sindh for Law                                                          


14. Mr. Nand Kumar Goklani, MPA                          Mover of the Amendment


                        15. Ms. Arooba Rabbani,                                            Special Invitee

                              Special Assistant to chief Minister, Sindh


16. Mr. Kashif Hanif, Member SBC Karachi South  Special Invitee


17. Mr. Hussain Bux Saryo, Member SBC East Karachi Special Invitee


18.Mr. Shahab Sarki, Member PBC & President       Special Invitee

      Karachi high Court.

19. Advocate Riazat Sehar, PBC Hyderabad                        Special Invitee

20. Advocate Sallah Uddin, President Karachi Bar.  Special Invitee


21. Advocate Naeem Talpur, Mirpurkhas.                  Special Invitee


22. Mr. Saeed Abbasi, Member SBC South Karachi.            Special Invitee


23. Mr. Muhammad Fahim Zia, Member SBC Central Karachi Special Invitee


24. Mr. Iqbal Inayat Jatoi, Member SBC South Karachi.      Special Invitee


25. Mr. Ghulam Rasool Soho, Member SBC Karachi East    Special Invitee


26. Mr. Hafeez Lashari, Member SBC South Karachi           Special Invitee


27. Advocate Suresh, Hyderabad                                           Special Invitee


28. The Secretary to Government of Sindh, Law, Parliamentary Affairs  





I am to state that the Honourable Chairman has been pleased to convene the meeting of the Standing Committee on Law & Parliamentary Affairs and Human Rights on WEDNESDAY, THE 21st DECEMBER, 2022 AT 01:00 P.M.. in Committee Room No. 01, Old Sindh Assembly Building, Karachi to consider the Government Bill No.29 of 2021-The Sindh Lawyers’ Welfare and Protection Bill, 2021.


It is, therefore, requested to attend the said meeting on date, time and venue

mentioned above.




 Senior Special Secretary

Provincial Assembly of Sindh

NO.PAS/Legis-SC(LPA&HR)/2019/841     Karachi, the 19th December, 2022.

A copy is forwarded for information to the:-

01.  Principal Secretary to Governor, Sindh.

02.  Principal Secretary to Chief Minister, Sindh.

03. Additional Secretary, Provincial Assembly of Sindh.

04. Additional Secretary (B&A), Provincial Assembly of Sindh.

05. Deputy Secretary (Staff) to Chief Secretary, Sindh.

06. Chief Reporter, Provincial Assembly of Sindh, Karachi.

07.  Administrator (Automation), Provincial Assembly of Sindh.

08.  Deputy Secretary, Standing Committees, Provincial Assembly of Sindh.

09.  Assistant Secretary (Standing Committees), Provincial Assembly of Sindh.

10. Syed Muhammad Ali, Senior Consultant PAC/Committees.

11.  Staff Officer to Mr. Speaker, Provincial Assembly of Sindh.

12.  Staff Officer to Madam Deputy Speaker, Provincial Assembly of Sindh.

13.  Staff Officer to Secretary, Provincial Assembly of Sindh.

14.  P.S to Senior Special Secretary, Provincial Assembly of Sindh.

15.  P.S to Special Secretary, Provincial Assembly of Sindh.

16.  PS to Chairman, Public Accounts Committee

17.  Chief Security Officer, Provincial Assembly of Sindh.

18.  Senior Recording Officer, Provincial Assembly of Sindh.

19. Incharge Main Gate, Provincial Assembly f Sindh.

20. Molvi Ghulam Ali, Provincial Assembly of Sindh.


                                                                         (MUHAMMAD HANIF BURIRO)

                                                                               Deputy Director (Legislation)

                                                                               Provincial Assembly of Sindh