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Message from Deputy Speaker

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the official Sindh Assembly website.

    It is our hope that this website will serve as an invaluable tool to help you follow the legislative process and keep up with the current happenings in the House. There are many resources at your disposal, such as tools to help you track legislation so that you can follow the proceedings and business of the House on regular basis time.

    On behalf of the Members of the Sindh Assembly, I encourage you to use this website to get engaged and have your say on the issues that are important to you. A well-informed public is essential to the success of our democracy and fulfilling our duty to the people of Sindh.

    I would like to thank USAID and all others involved in supporting the establishment of this website, which would be considered as a milestone in providing better services for members of the Provincial Assembly of Sindh.

Syeda Shehla Raza
Deputy Speaker
Provincial Assembly of Sindh