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(see rule 229)


1.   The Speaker will order a Division to be held by uttering the word “Division” and shall direct that the Division bells be rung for five minutes to enable members not present in the chamber to return to their places. Immediately after the bells stop ringing, all the entrances to the members lobby will be locked and the staff posted at each gate will not allow any entry or exit through these gates until the Division has concluded. The Speaker will then read the terms of the motion before the Assembly and put the question for second time. If the Division is still demanded, he will say “Ayes to the right, Noes to the left, divide.”


2.   According as they wish to vote, members will then proceed to the Ayes, or the Noes lobby and there pass in single file before the tellers. On reaching the desk of the tellers, each member will, in turn, call out the division number which has been allotted to him for this purpose. The tellers will then mark off this number on the     Division list simultaneously calling out the name of the member. In order to ensure that his vote has been properly recorded the member should not move off until he has clearly heard the teller thus call out his name. The division number allotted to each member will be communicated separately. The numbers will be marked on the seat-card of each member.


3.  When the voting process as described above is completed in the Division’s lobbies, the tellers will present their Division lists to the Secretary who will count the votes recorded thereon and then present the total of the “Ayes” and the “Noes” to the Speaker who will then announce the result to the Assembly. The Division will not be at an end until the result is so announced. if the number of “Ayes” and “Noes” are equal, the question will be decided by the casting vote of the Speaker.


4.  In case a member’s vote has been recorded both in Ayes and Noes, the Speaker shall ask him which side he intended to vote and a correction shall be made accordingly.





                                                              G.M. UMAR FAROOQ