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Advocate : Senior Advocate of High Court.
Pakistan Muslim League (Functional)   (See other MPAs of this party)
Syed Ghulam Hyder Shah
Hyder Farm, Taluka Umerkot, District Umerkot


43/8-H, Block-6, P.E.C.H.S,. Karachi.
TELEPHONE  #      (O) 9212021, 9212024 (R)  4545907    4556218

MOBILE # 03462289691
Hyder Farm, Taluka Umerkot, District Umerkot

Pakistan Muslim League (Functional) Senior Voice President 2012
Country Purpose of visit Duration
Canada Delegation 20 Days
Egypt Delegation 16 Days
Fiji Delegation 15 Days
France Delegation 28 Days
India Delegation 14 Days
Italy Delegation 24 Days
Maldives Delegation 12 Days
Nigeria Delegation 16 Days
South Africa Delegation 15 Days
Sri Lanka Delegation 20 Days
Thailand Delegation 10 Days
Turkey Delegation 15 Days
United Kingdom Delegation 22 Days
United States Delegation 15 Days

Belongs to a distinguished family of Syeds of Lower Sindh.

Son of Former Education Minister Syed Ghulam Hyder Shah.
Grand Son of Khan Bahadur Ghulam Nabi Shah was President of District Council Mirpurkhas for 19Years.
Which Comprised the Present Districts: Sanghar, Mirpurkhas, Umerkot and Tharparker.
He practiced Law in the Firm of Justice (Rtd) G.M Shah and was one of the leading Lawyer’s in Karachi.
Specializing in Criminal Law.
He was born on 07th December 1945 in Mirpurkhas. He studied MA, BSC, LLB and after completing his Studies he joined Pakistan Muslim League (Functional). He contested and won provincial elections and served as a Minister, Speaker & Chief Minister in the Sindh province.

a) Senior Cambridge  :   1959       Grammar School Quetta
b) B.Sc                           :   1962-63  D.J. Science College,  Karachi.
c) M.A. (I.R)                    :  1963-64   Position Holder of Karachi University.
d) L.L.B.                          :  1963-64  Sindh Muslim Law College, Karachi.
e) Secured First Class 3rd Position from S.M Law Collage Karachi University.
f)  Secured 1st Division Master in International Relation from Karachi Universty.
g) Senior Advocate High Court Sindh at Karachi.
h) Member Majlis-e-Shoora     1980-81

i)  Minister Industries & Mineral Development, Government of Sindh 1983-84.
j)  Speaker Provincial Assembly of Sindh. 1986, 1987 partly 1988 and 14-12-2002 to 07-04-2008.
k) Minister Law, Parliamentary Affairs, Land Utilization and Agriculture, Government of Sindh 1990-1991-1992.
l)  Minister Coordination, Government of Sindh January 1992.

m)Chief Minister Sindh , Elected unanimously as Leader of  the House by the Provincial Assembly of Sindh
        from 6th March1992 to  July, 1993.

n) Member Provincial Assembly of Sindh from  Sanghar. 1993 to 1996.
o) Member  Provincial Assembly of Sindh  from PS-53 Umerkot. 1997 to 1999.
p) Member Provincial Assembly of Sindh has been Member for every Provincial  Assembly since 1985 except for the 
     period 1988-89.

q) Leading Debater represented D.J. Science College.
r)  Represented Thrice as a member of the delegation to the United Nation’s General Assembly.
s) Represented at the International Conference on Palestine at Kuwait in 1971-72.
t)  Represented the Karachi University in all Pakistan English and Urdu Debates.
u) Represented the S.M Law Collage in all Pakistan English Debates.
v) Leading Criminal Lawyer of Karachi, practicing both on the original and Appellate side.
w)Leading Agriculturist of lower Sindh.
x) Senator  From March 2012 to 2018.