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7th May 2019  |  PAS/PAC-2/2009-10/2019/2270

Meeting of the Public Accounts Committee


1.      The Secretary to Government of Sindh,

Agriculture Department,


2.      The Secretary to Government of Sindh,

Local Government Department,





            I am directed to refer to this Secretariat’s letter No.PAS/PAC-2/2009-10/2019/2252 dated 3rd May, 2019 on the subject noted above and to state that Honourable Chairman, Public Accounts Committee has been pleased to postpone the meeting which was fix to be held on 10th May 2019 pertains to Agriculture and Local Government Departments.


            The next date of PAC meeting will be intimated in due course of time.


                                                                                                    G.M.UMAR FAROOQ


                                                                                    PROVINCIAL ASSEMBLY OF SINDH   

NO.PAS/PAC-2/2009-10/2019/2270             Karachi, the 7th May, 2019

A copy is forwarded for information to:-

1.      The Hon’able Members, Public Accounts Committee (All).

2.      The Minister for Finance, Government of Sindh, Karachi through his P.S. Es-Officio Member for kind perusal.

3.      The Principal Secretary to Governor Sindh, Karachi.

4.      The Principal Secretary to Chief Minister Sindh, Karachi.

5.      The Director General Audit Sindh, Karachi.

6.      The Director General Audit, Local Council Sindh, Karachi.

7.      The Secretary, Government of Sindh, Finance Department, Karachi.

8.      The Director (Press), Information Department, Government of Sindh.

9.      The Deputy Secretary (Staff) to Chief Secretary Sindh, Karachi.

10.  The Staff Officer to Mr. Speaker, Provincial Assembly of Sindh.

11.  The Chief Reporter, Provincial Assembly of Sindh.

12.  Mr. Muhammad Ali, Reporter, Provincial Assembly of Sindh.

13.  The Staff Officer to Secretary, Provincial Assembly of Sindh.

14.  The P.S to Sr. Special Secretary, (PAC & Legislation) Provincial Assembly of Sindh.

15.  The P.S. to Special Secretary, Provincial Assembly of Sindh.

16.  The Additional Secretary, Provincial Assembly of Sindh.

17.  The Additional Secretary (Admn and B&A), Provincial Assembly of Sindh.

18.  The Administrator Automation, Provincial Assembly of Sindh.

19.  The P.S. to Mr. Chairman, Public Accounts Committee, PAS, Karachi.

20.  The Chief Security Officer, Provincial Assembly of Sindh, Karachi.

21.  The Incharge, Reception (Main Gate), Provincial Assembly of Sindh.

22.  Master File 2019.

                                                                            (TARIQ HUSSAIN MAHAR)

              Assistant Secretary 

      Provincial Assembly of Sindh    

            Ph. No.021-99212058