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10th December 2018  |  PAS/Legis-B-04/2018/252


The Provincial Assembly of Sindh in its sitting held on Monday, the 26th November, 2018 constituted a Select Committee consisting of the following Members–

1-    MR. GHANWER ALI KHAN ISRAN, MPA                      Convener

2-    MS. TANZILA UMI HABIBA, MPA                              Member

3-    MS. NIDA KHUHRO, MPA                                        Member

4-    DR. SOHRAB KHAN SARKI, MPA                              Member

5-    SYED IMRAN ALI SHAH, MPA                                  Member

6-    MR. MUHAMMAD HUSSAIN KHAN, MPA            Member

7-    MS. NUSRAT BANO SEHAR ABBASI, MPA                  Member


with the terms of reference to examine the Government Bill No. 04 of 2018-The Sindh Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases Bill, 2018 and report back to the Assembly within two weeks.


Additional Secretary

Provincial Assembly of Sindh

NO.PAS/LEGIS-B-04/2018/252                 KARACHI, THE 10TH DECEMBER, 2018.

A copy is forwarded for information to the:-

1-    Mr. Ghanwer Ali Khan Isran, MPA

2-    Ms. Tanzila Umi Habiba, MPA

3-    Ms. Nida Khuhro, MPA

4-    Dr. Sohrab Khan Sarki, MPA

5-    Syed Imran Ali Shah, MPA

6-    Mr. Muhammad Hussain Khan, MPA

7-    Ms. Nusrat Bano Sehar Abbasi, MPA

8-    Chief Secretary to Government of Sindh.

9-    Senior Member, Board of Revenue, Sindh.

10- Chairman, Planning & Development Board, Sindh.

11- Additional Chief Secretary to Government of Sindh (All).

12- Secretary to Government of Sindh, Law Department.

13- Secretary to Government of Sindh, Health Department.

14- Secretary, Provincial Ombudsman, Sindh, Karachi.

15- Secretary, Senate of Pakistan, Islamabad.

16- Secretary, National Assembly of Pakistan, Islamabad.

17- Chairman, E & AC Wing, SGA&CD.

18- Principal Secretary to Governor, Sindh, Karachi.

19- Principal Secretary to Chief Minister, Sindh, Karachi.

20- Secretary, Provincial Assembly of Punjab/Khyber Pakhtunkhwa/Balochistan/ Legislative

Assembly of Azad Jummo & Kashmir/ Gilgit-Baltistan, Lahore/ Peshawar/ Quetta/ Muzffarabad/Gilgit-Baltistan.

21- Administrative Secretaries to Government of Sindh (All).

22- Inspector General of Police, Sindh.

23- Registrar, Sindh High Court, Karachi.

24- Accountant General, Sindh, Karachi.

25- Advocate General, Sindh, Karachi.

26- Director, Press Information and Publication, Government of Sindh, Karachi.

27- Head of Branches, Provincial Assembly of Sindh (All).

28- Staff Officer to Mr. Speaker, Provincial Assembly of Sindh.

29- Staff Officer to Madam Deputy Speaker, Provincial Assembly of Sindh.

30- P.S to Ministers / Advisors/ Special Assistants to Chief Minister, Sindh.

31- P.S. to Leader of Opposition, Provincial Assembly of Sindh.



Additional Secretary

Provincial Assembly of Sindh