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24th September 2018  |  PAS/Legis-G-60/2018/3674

Notification - MPAs has been nominated as Member of the Sugarcane Control Board

The Honourable Speaker, Provincial Assembly of Sindh has been pleased to nominate the following two Members of Provincial Assembly of Sindh:


1-    Mr. Muhammad Taimur Talpur, MPA

2-    Ms. Shaheena, MPA.


as Members of the Sugarcane Control Board as required under Section 3(1)(ii) of the Sugar Factories Control Act, 1950 (Sindh Amendment) Act, 2009 [Sindh Act No. X of 2009].







Provincial Assembly of Sindh

NO. PAS/LEGIS-G-60/2018/3674          KARACHI, THE 24TH SEPTEMBER, 2018.


A copy is forwarded for information to the:-


1.    Mr. Muhammad Taimur Talpur, MPA.

2.    Ms. Shaheena, MPA.

3.    Members, Provincial Assembly of Sindh (All).

4.    Chief Secretary to Government of Sindh.

5.    Senior Member, Board of Revenue, Sindh.

6.    Chairman, Planning and Development Board, Sindh.

7.    Additional Chief Secretary to Government of Sindh (All).

8.    Secretary to Government of Sindh, Law & Human Rights Department.

9.    Secretary to Government of Sindh, Agriculture, Supply and Prices Department.

10. Secretary, Provincial Ombudsman, Sindh, Karachi.

11. Secretary, Senate of Pakistan, Islamabad.

12. Secretary, National Assembly of Pakistan, Islamabad.

13. Chairman, E & AC Wing, SGA&CD.

14. Principal Secretary to Governor, Sindh.

15. Principal Secretary to Chief Minister, Sindh.

16. Secretary, Provincial Assembly of Punjab/Khyber Pakhtunkhwa/Balochistan/ Legislative Assembly of Azad Jummo & Kashmir/ Gilgit-Baltistan, Lahore/ Peshawar/ Quetta/ Muzffarabad/Gilgit-Baltistan.

17. Administrative Secretaries to Government of Sindh (All).

18. Inspector General of Police, Sindh.

19. Registrar, Sindh High Court, Karachi.

20. Accountant General, Sindh, Karachi.

21. Director, Press Information and Publication, Government of Sindh.

22. Superintendent, Printing Press, Sindh, Karachi with the request that the above notification may kindly be published in the Sindh Government Gazette (Extra-Ordinary) bearing the above date and supply 30 copies to this Secretariat for record.

23. Administrator (Automation), Provincial Assembly of Sindh.

24. Staff Officer to Mr. Speaker, Provincial Assembly of Sindh.

25. Staff Officer to Madam Deputy Speaker, Provincial Assembly of Sindh.

26. P.S. to Leader of Opposition, Provincial Assembly of Sindh.

27. P.S to Ministers / Advisors to Chief Minister, Sindh.




Additional Secretary

Provincial Assembly of Sindh