In pursuance of Article 107 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the Provincial Assembly of Sindh shall stand dissolved on the expiration of its term of five years on the 28th May, 2018.
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19th November 2013  |  PAS/Legis-G-70/2013/5206


1.The Secretary to Government of Pakistan,
  Cabinet Division,

2.The Chief Secretary,
  Government of Sindh,


I am to state that the Provincial Assembly of Sindh in its sitting held on Monday, the 11th November, 2013 has unanimously passed the following Resolution moved by Ms. Sharmila Sahebah Farooqi, MPA, Mr. Nisar Ahmed Khuhro, Senior Minister for Education & Literacy, Sindh, Dr. Sikander Mandhro, Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, Sindh, Mir Mumtaz Hussain Khan, Minister for Transport, Sindh, Syeda Shehla Raza, Deputy Speaker, Provincial Assembly of Sindh, Syed Faisal Ali Subzwari, Leader of Opposition, Provincial Assembly of Sindh, Nawab Ghaibi Sardar Khan Chandio, MPA, Dr. Lal Chand Ukrani, MPA, Syed Sardar Ali Shah, MPA, Syed Zia Abbas Shah, MPA, Dr. Abdul Sattar Rajper, MPA, Mr. Saleem Raza Jalbani, MPA, Ms. Saniya, MPA, Ms. Iram Khalid, MPA, Ms. Nusrat Sultana, MPA, Ms. Rehana Leghari, MPA, Ms. Shehnaz Begum, MPA, Ms. Saira Shahliani, MPA, Mrs. Rukhsana Parveen, MPA, Sardar Muhammad Bux Khan Mahar, MPA, Mr. Khursheed Ahmed Junejo, MPA, Syed Ghulam Shah Jeelani, MPA, Mr. Muhammad Ali Bhutto, MPA, Mr. Shahid Abdul Salam Taheem, MPA, Mr. Faraz Dero, MPA, Ms. Rana Ansar, MPA, Kahawaja Izhar ul Hassan, MPA, Mr. Muhammad Rashid Khilji, MPA, Dr. Zaffar Ahmed Khan Kamali, MPA, Mr. Mehmood Abdul Razzaque, MPA, Mr. Kamran Akhtar, MPA, Syed Nadeem Razi, MPA, Mr. Dewan Chand Chawla, MPA, Ms. Irum Azeem Farooque, MPA, Mr. Sheeraz Waheed, MPA, Engineer Sabir Hussain Kaimkhani, MPA, Mr. Irfanullah Khan Marwat, MPA, Ms. Mahtab Akbar Shah Rashdi, MPA and Ms. Nusrat Bano Seher Abbasi, MPA:-


“This Assembly vehemently condemns the unfortunate statement by Amir Jamaat-e-Islami Syed Munawar Hassan wherein he has hurt the feelings of people of Pakistan by insulting the Shahadat of thousands of Pakistanis and Soldiers of the Armed Forces and Law Enforcement Agencies who laid their lives in the war against terrorism. This House pays tribute to the martyrs and their families for rendering supreme sacrifices for our beloved Pakistan.”


“This House condemns the uncalled for statement of Ameer Jamaat-e- Islami, Syed Munawar Hassan, that personnel of the Armed Forces of Pakistan fighting against the enemies of the state and having embraced martyrdom should not be called “SHAHEED”. This tantamount to an insult to the “Shuhada”, who have laid down their lives for the solidarity and integrity of Pakistan.”


“This House strongly condemns the irresponsible and misleading statement of the Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami, Syed Munawar Hassan, declaring a dead terrorist as Shaheed, also humiliating remarks and undermining the sacrifices and martyrdom of thousands of Armed Personnel, Law Enforcement Agencies and the civilians who laid down their precious lives in defending their country. This House resolves that Syed Munawar Hassan, tenders an unconditional apology for his remarks which have hurt the feelings of the entire Nation.”

Acting Secretary
Provincial Assembly of Sindh

No.PAS/Legis-G-70/2013/5206       Karachi,    the 19th November, 2013.

A Copy is forwarded for information to the:-
01.Ms. Sharmila Sahebah Farooqi, MPA.
02.Mr. Nisar Ahmed Khuhro, Senior Minister for Education & Literacy, Sindh.
03.Dr. Sikander Mandhro, Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, Sindh.
04.Mir Mumtaz Hussain Khan, Minister for Transport, Sindh.
05.Syeda Shehla Raza, Deputy Speaker, Provincial Assembly of Sindh.
06.Syed Faisal Ali Subzwari, Leader of Opposition, Provincial Assembly of Sindh.
07.Nawab Ghaibi Sardar Khan Chandio, MPA.
08.Dr. Lal Chand Ukrani, MPA.
09.Syed Sardar Ali Shah, MPA.
10.Syed Zia Abbas Shah, MPA.
11.Dr. Abdul Sattar Rajper, MPA.
12.Mr. Saleem Raza Jalbani, MPA.
13.Ms. Saniya, MPA.
14.Ms. Iram Khalid, MPA.
15.Ms. Nusrat Sultana, MPA.
16.Ms. Rehana Leghari, MPA.
17.Ms. Shehnaz Begum, MPA.
18.Ms. Saira Shahliani, MPA.
19.Mrs. Rukhsana Parveen, MPA.
20.Sardar Muhammad Bux Khan Mahar, MPA.
21.Mr. Khursheed Ahmed Junejo, MPA.
22.Syed Ghulam Shah Jeelani, MPA.
23.Mr. Muhammad Ali Bhutto, MPA.
24.Mr. Shahid Abdul Salam Taheem, MPA.
25.Mr. Faraz Dero, MPA.
26.Ms. Rana Ansar, MPA.
27.Kahawaja Izhar ul Hassan, MPA.
28.Mr. Muhammad Rashid Khilji, MPA.
29.Dr. Zaffar Ahmed Khan Kamali, MPA.
30.Mr. Mehmood Abdul Razzaque, MPA.
31.Mr. Kamran Akhtar, MPA.
32.Syed Nadeem Razi, MPA.
33.Mr. Dewan Chand Chawla, MPA.
34.Ms. Irum Azeem Farooque, MPA.
35.Mr. Sheeraz Waheed, MPA.
36.Engineer Sabir Hussain KAIMKHANI, MPA.
37.Mr. Irfanullah Khan Marwat, MPA.
38.Ms. Mahtab Akbar Shah Rashdi, MPA.
39.Ms. Nusrat Bano Seher Abbasi, MPA.
40.Principal Secretary to the President, Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Islamabad.
41.Principal Secretary to Prime Minister, Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Islamabad.
42.Secretary, Senate of Pakistan, Islamabad.
43.Secretary, National Assembly of Pakistan, Islamabad.
44.Principal Secretary to Governor of Sindh, Karachi.
45.Principal Secretary to Chief Minister of Sindh, Karachi.
46.Secretary (Implementation) Services, General Administration & Coordination Department, Government of Sindh.
47.Secretary to Government of Sindh, Information Department, Karachi.
48.Secretary Provincial Assembly of Punjab/ Khyber Pakhtun Khwa/ Balochistan/ Legislative Assembly Azad Jamu & Kashmir/ Gilgit-Baltistan, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta , MuzaffarAbad, Gilgit-Baltistan.
49.Secretary to Government of Sindh, Law Department.
50.Secretary to Government of Sindh, SGA&CD.
51.Director, Press Information, Government of Sindh, Karachi.
52.All Head of Branches, Provincial Assembly of Sindh.
53.Staff Officer to Mr. Speaker, Provincial Assembly of Sindh.
54.Staff Officer to Madam Deputy Speaker, Provincial Assembly of Sindh.
55.P.S. to Ministers / Advisors/ Special Assistants to Chief Minister, Sindh.

 Assistant Secretary (Legis:)
 Provincial Assembly of Sindh