In pursuance of Article 107 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the Provincial Assembly of Sindh shall stand dissolved on the expiration of its term of five years on the 28th May, 2018.
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25th September 2013  |  PD/Const/No.39/2013/5043

Construction of Hostel for Male and Female Members of Provincial Assembly of Sindh - Pre Qualification of Contractors for Building Projects

The Director Information Advertisement,
Sindh Secretariat, Barak No.5,

Notice for the prequalification of Contractors for Building Projects for Construction of Hostel for Male and Female members of provincial Assembly of Sindh, Karachi, which has to be published in two widely circulated Local English language Newspaper, as required under rule 17-(6) of the Sindh Public Procurement Rules 2010.


Room No. 108, Provincial Sindh Assembly, Karachi


Pre-Qualification of Contractors for Building Projects


Project Director, MPAs Hostel, Provincial Assembly of Sindh intends to initiate for:-


 "Construction of Hostel for Male & Female Members of Provincial Assembly of Sindh at Karachi 


Desirous local and International applicants should submit pre-qualification documents duly completed in all respect along with all the supporting documents on or before 18-11-2013 at 1400 Hours. Pre-qualification Documents can be obtained from the office of the undersigned on payment of Rs.10,000/- (non refundable) in the shape of Pay Order / Demand Draft in favor of Secretary, Provincial Assembly of Sindh. Incomplete pre-qualification documents shall be treated as Non-Responsive and shall be rejected.


·         The competent authority reserves the right to reject any or all applications as per SPPRA Rules.



01.Name of firm, its status, address, telephone number(s), fax number, years of experience of the firm with proof.

02.Experience of similar works (for the work category) over the last five years with at least three jobs with letter of acceptance and completion certificate.

03.Works in hand and details of similar works presently under execution.

04.List of technical and supporting staff to be deployed on this project.

05.List of machinery and equipment intended to be used on the project with ownership record, if any.

06.Registration with Pakistan Engineering Council license requirement valid for up to 31st December 2013 in relevant field in Category C-01 & Above with specialized codes CE-09, CE-10, EE04, EE06, ME-01, ME-02 & ME-03, BC03.

07.In case of JV. leading firm must fulfill C-1 category requirement with specification code (CE-10).

08.Foreign contractors will have to apply as per PEC latest rules and guidelines for working in Pakistan.

09.The points to a JV shall be awarded on the basis of considering 60% share of lead partner and 40% share of associated partner(s).

10.All payments will be in PAk Rs. through lead Contractor.

11.Bid shall be signed by all members in the JV so as to legaly bind all partners, jointly and severally, and the bid shall be submitted with a copy of the JV agreement providing the joint and several liabilities with respect to the contract.

12.Joint venture firms will be checked for verification that they have maintained the prequalifying capabilities after the bid.

13.NTN certificate

14.Registration / pre-qualification with different organizations / departments in relevant field along with documentary proof.

15.Banker’s financial soundness certificate from local 1st Class (AA Rated) bank alongwith bank statement for last 12 months and audited report for the last 3 years.

16.Affidavit on stamp paper of Rs.50/- (duly notarized) to the effect that the firm is not blacklisted and is not in litigation with any organization / government department, private or public and with Sindh Workers Welfare Board.

17.Any other relevant information which the firm intends to submit for its pre-qualification.

18.All supporting documents / photocopies should be clearly readable otherwise it may lead to rejection of the application.

19.Failure to provide information which is essential to evaluate the applicant’s qualification or to provide substantial information may result in disqualification of applicant.

20.Prequalification Document must be submitted in sealed envelope to be delivered by hand or through registered mail in the office of the undersigned.



                 Provincial Assembly of Sindh
                Room No.108, Provincial Sindh
                       Assembly, Karachi.