In pursuance of Article 107 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the Provincial Assembly of Sindh shall stand dissolved on the expiration of its term of five years on the 28th May, 2018.
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26th May 2016  |  PAS/GEN-2/2016/1348

Construction of Sindh Parliamentarians Residences, Karachi - Notice Inviting Tender



The Director Information (Advertisement),

Information Department,

Government of Sindh

Sindh Secretariat, Barak No.   






                Find enclosed herewith the (05) five copies of draft for Notice for inviting of Tender for Construction of Sindh Parliamentarians Residences, Karachi, for the Publication.


                In this regard, you are requested to please publish the same in three leading newspaper i.e. Sindhi, English & Urdu. All the applications will be received and issued under Sindh Public Procurement Regulatory Authority Rules 2010.




Provincial Assembly of Sindh


CC:  Staff Officer to Honourable Speaker, Provincial Assembly of Sindh, For Kind Information.

CC: The Secretary, Information Technology Department, Government of Sindh along with copy of

letter for information and placing on website.

CC: Director, SPPRA along with copy of letter Notice inviting tender for information and placing on website.

CC: The Project Director, Sindh Parliamentarians Residences, Karachi for information.

CC: The Administrator Automation, Provincial Assembly of Sindh, along with copy of the letter Notice inviting tender for information and placing Assembly website.

Copy for Office Notice Board.




1.       Sealed Standard Bidding Documents are invite from the interested bidders/ firms as per SPPRA Rules 2010 of Procurement Advertisement for the following work.


Name of Work

Bid Security



Time for


Construction of Sindh Parliamentarians Residences, (Tower-B) Karachi

2% of Bid Amount


24 months


3.    Eligibility: PEC Licensed Contractor/Firms having relevant experience of similar works with valid PEC License in Category C-1 and above.


4.    Interested Bidders/ firms are invited for participation fulfilling the following Mandatory Requirements may obtain “TENDER DOCUMENTS” which lists all requirements from the office of the Secretary, Provincial Assembly of Sindh, Karachi on making payment of Rs 5,000/-  (non-refundable) in the shape of Pay Order, in favor of Secretary, Provincial Assembly of Sindh:-

a.       Firms with valid registration with Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) for the year 2016 in Category “C-1” or above”.

b.       Valid Registration with Income Tax Department.

c.        Certificate of registration with Sindh Revenue Board showing Sindh Sales Tax number (SNTN).

d.       Affidavit on stamp paper of Rs 100/- (duly notarized) that the applicant firm is not black listed by any procuring Agency, Govt or Semi-Govt Departments, Autonomous bodies and any Cantonment Boards in Pakistan.

e.       Affidavit on stamp paper of Rs 100/- (duly notarized), providing list of any present or past litigation of the Bidding Firm with any Organization, Govt Departments, or private concern. If no litigation, the said affidavit should mention the same.

f.         The Blank Bidding document will be available at the office of the Undersigned from the date of publication to till date: 10-06-2016 during office hours on payment of such price and will be received back on dated: 13-06-2016 up to 11:00 and opened on the same day at 12:00 in the presence of tender opening /evaluation committee and bidders or their authorized representative who wish to be present.

g.       Copy of agreement in case of Joint Venture / association.

h.       If due to some certain official activities, un responded, the next dates for issue and opening will be as under:-

i)                     Date of Issue upto:    22-06-2016

ii)                   Date of submit:          23-06-2016 (1:00 P.M)

iii)                  Date of Opening:-      23-06-2016 (1:30 P.M)


5.       MINIMUM SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS REQUIRED (Additional documents, if required, are mentioned in Tender Document)

a.       Name of firm, its status (date of incorporation), address, telephone number(s), fax number & year of experience of the firm with proof.

b.       Experience of general and specific works (for the Work Category) over the five years of Rs 1 Billion or above.

c.        Existing work load / work order with details of works under execution.

d.       List of machinery and equipment owned by the firm and intended to be used on the project, proof of ownership, and brief description, including number, model, make, capacity & location.

e.       Financial soundness certificate and balance sheet duly audited by chartered accountant for last three years.

f.         Any other relevant information which the firm intends to submit as its qualification.

g.       Authority letter of the firm showing name, designation and NIC number of the individual for receipt of Bidding / Tender document.

h.       Bids will be inclusive of all taxes including sales tax.


6.       Sindh Parliamentarians Residences reserves the right to reject all or any bid subject to the relevant provisions of Sindh Public Procurement Rules 2010.



 Provincial Assembly of Sindh