Assembly Inception Date : April 5, 2008 and Dissolved Date : March 19, 2013
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23rd November 2009  |  PAS/Legis-G-74/2009/1076



1. The Secretary to Government of ,

Ministry of Health,



2. The Secretary to Government of Sindh,

Health Department,



3. The Secretary to Government of Sindh,

Home Department,



4.  The Registrar,

High Court, Sindh,



5.   District Coordination Officers, Sindh (All).



Subject:      RESOLUTION.


I am directed to state on the subject captioned above that Provincial Assembly of Sindh in its sitting held on Wednesday, the 21st October, 2009 has unanimously passed the following Resolution moved by Haji Muzaffar Ali Shujra, Minister for Jails:-



This Assembly resolves and recommends to the Government of Sindh to carry out the comprehensive campaign of awareness for preventing genetically transmitted diseases like Thallaceemia, Hemophilia and HIV/AIDS/ Hepatitis and other diseases and make it mandatory to carry out blood test of couples before getting married.


                        It is to inform you that the said Resolution needs to be implemented immediately from the level of Union Council for the awareness of common people in co-ordination with all stake holders viz District Administration, Police, Nikah Khawans, Priests, Hindu Pandit etc.





Additional Secretary-I

Provincial Assembly of Sindh


No.PAS/Legis-G-74/2009/1076  Karachi, the 23rd November, 2009.

A Copy is forwarded for information to:-

1. The Principal Secretary to Governor of Sindh, Karachi.

2. The Principal Secretary to Chief Minister of Sindh, Karachi.

3. The Secretary, Government of Sindh, Law Department.

4. The Secretary to Government of Sindh, Information Department, Karachi.

5. The Deputy Secretary (Staff) to Chief Secretary, Government of Sindh.

5. P.S to Mr. Speaker, Provincial Assembly of Sindh.                                                                    

6. P.S to Deputy Speaker, Provincial Assembly of Sindh.

7. P.S to Senior Minister for Education & Literacy / Parliamentary Party Leader PPPP.

8. P.S to Minister to Government of Sindh/ Parliamentary Party Leader, MQM.

9. P.S to Minister for Law & Parliamentary Affairs, Sindh.

10. P.S to Minister for Health, Sindh.

11. P.S to Leader of Opposition, Provincial Assembly of Sindh.

12. P.S to Minister for Jails, Sindh.





Superintendent (Legis:)

Provincial Assembly of Sindh