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                                  PROVINCIAL ASSEMBLY OF SINDH

    “Assembly” means the Provincial Assembly of Sindh;

    “Budget” means the Annual Statement of the estimated receipts and expenditure of
     Government for a financial year;
    “Chief Minister” means the Chief Minister of Sindh;
    “Constitution”  means  the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan;
    “Gazette” means the Sindh Government Gazette;
    “Government” means the Government of Sindh;

    “Governor”  means the  Governor  of Sindh;

    “Lobby” means the covered corridor immediately adjoining the Chamber and conterminous
     with it;
    “Member” means a Member of the Assembly;
    “Member -in- Charge” means in case of a Government Bill, any Minister acting on behalf of
     Government and in case of Private Bill the Member who has introduced it or any other
     Member authorised by him in writing to assume charge of the Bill in his absence;
    “Minister” means a Provincial Minister and includes the Chief Minister;
    “Motion” means a proposal made by a Member relating to any matter which may be brought
     for consideration of the Assembly;
    “Person presiding” means in relation to a sitting, any person who is presiding over that
    “Private Bill” means a Bill of a Member who is not a Minister;
    “Schedule” means a Schedule appended to these rules;
    “Secretary” means the Secretary of the Assembly and includes any person for the time being
     performing the duties of the Secretary;
    “Session” means the period commencing from the date of the first sitting of the Assembly,
     after it has been summoned, and ending on its prorogation or dissolution;

    “Sitting” means the meeting of the Assembly or any of its Committees from the
     commencement of its business to the termination for the day;
    “Speaker” means the Speaker of the Assembly and includes the Deputy Speaker for the time
     being acting as Speaker under the Constitution;
    “Starred question” means a question for an oral answer;
    “Table” means the Table of the Assembly;
    “Un-starred question” means a question for a written answer.